Leaving Bethany

Review by Happy Traveller.

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ Interesting journey to Bethany

I enjoyed reading this book. It took me to Bethany to meet the good friends of Jesus and how their lives change after Lazarus is brought back to life. Using the biblical accounts and imagination, we are taken on an emotional journey. Recommended.View this book’s reviews on Amazon

“I was a bird that liked my own garden and lacked the confidence to fly away to new places. I wondered whether I would ever have the courage to leave Bethany.” 

Judea 32 AD

It is a day like any other in the sleepy village of Bethany. Martha, a young widow, meets a travelling Rabbi called Jesus. And her life changes forever.

To become a disciple of Jesus is a dangerous decision, but one Martha must make. She follows Jesus to his death and sees him come alive again three days later. Now, she is at the heart of the group of believers around Jesus. She changes from one always ready with a plate of food for a hungry guest, to being eager to teach others the things she learned.

How can she follow Jesus in the perilous world of religious politics and Roman rule? Those who killed Jesus are now looking to stop them by any means possible, including murder. It is only a matter of time before they come for her family. Martha now faces her greatest challenge. Can she find the path to truth through danger and betrayal to save those she loves?

Buy Leaving Bethany now and read how Martha puts her faith into action. Discover how she is willing to sacrifice everything, including her own happiness, to save her brother and sister.

“Susan has added food for thought and crafted her book beautifully.” Christine, Suffolk, UK

What People Say

Captivating! is the best description I have of “Leaving Bethany” by Susan Sutherland. This is a book I could not put down. I was caught up in the narrative from the moment I opened the first page.  An original, creative, inspirational and heartwarming approach based on a story and characters well known from Scripture.

We share the joy of Jesus accepting Martha’s invitation to come into her home for lunch; the excitement of being a follower of Jesus and also the pain; the friendships, the betrayals; the twists, the turns; the expected, the unexpected.

I wholeheartedly commend his book to you and, for myself, I cannot wait for the next.

Jan, Stourbridge, UK

Susan takes an imaginative look at what might have happened beyond and behind the verses we have in scripture. I love the way she takes us on this journey with her imagined insights. If you ever have wondered when reading scripture what else happened then Susan offers a story and a journey here!

Susan has made a great job of colouring in the characters and personalities that we have from scripture. I love how she has personified not just Christ but several other well known Bible characters and some others brought in to expand the stories.
Enjoy reading this. May it bring you closer to Jesus.

Nigel, Bury, UK