Aemilia Metella

Naples National Archaeological Museum, CC BY-SA 2.0 <;, via Wikimedia Commons

  • Eight interviews. Some as they appear in her blogs, others are longer versions and one exclusive interview.
  • Read Doctor Luke’s interview with Aemilia where she gives us her background story of how her family came to faith. And why Paul is such an important mentor.
  • I will tell you why I write as Aemilia and why I use fiction, rather than factual accounts, to tell important stories. 

Meet Aemilia Metella. She is my fictitious first-century Roman journalist. Her assignment is to interview women disciples of Jesus and to discover the contribution they made, not only to what we now call the Early Church but to the Roman world in which they lived. 

The image I use for Aemilia is a painting found on a Roman fresco discovered in Pompeii in 1760. It was painted sometime from 50 to 79 AD and is now held in the National Archaeological Museum of Naples.

In an almost photographic pose, this lively and intelligent young woman gazes out toward the viewer and draws us into her world. She is certainly worthy of our attention.

You may have met Aemilia before if you have read my blogs, or should I say, any of her interviews. Now some of her blogs are available as a free eBook.

The Aemilia Metella Interviews

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