Mary Magdalene in Art – Fallen Woman or Redeemed Saint

Mary Magdalene, Jesus’s disciple and follower, called the Apostle to the Apostles and held in high esteem by the early church has for the last fifteen hundred years in the West been remembered with a different reputation. So often reduced to a stereotype of the prostitute and fallen woman, her character defamation is reinforced by…

Lent Pilgrimage Week 7

The Never-Ending Story A group of friends trudge up the winding path in the dismal light of dawn. Their destination is an opening on the side of the hill. Three days before they saw the dead body of the man they loved laid in this rock-hewn tomb. But now it is empty. Later they see…

Lent Pilgrimage Week 6

Change your perspective – Images of the crucifixion What do you imagine when you read about Jesus’s crucifixion? Have you seen films and TV series which portray it and imagine it in a similar way? Jesus may be the centre of our thoughts, but what about those who witnessed it? The gospels tell us of…

Lent Pilgrimage Week 5

Betrayal in the courtyard If I were to ask you who betrayed Jesus, who would you say? I’m guessing it would be Judas, the well-known baddie of the Bible. One of Jesus’s inner circle who sold him for thirty pieces of silver. The word “Judas” synonymous with betrayal. Another of Jesus’s inner circle also betrayed…


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Writing a novel is a strange thing to do, for a person usually so gregarious, it is a lonely occupation. To lock yourself away in an attic office for months on end, tapping away at a keyboard, with only the radio for company. So why do I do it?
The story of Martha of Bethany is so compelling that I wanted to share it with others. Leaving Bethany is based upon the Biblical accounts, interwoven with church tradition and a good dollop of my imagination. The story of Martha started as a short story, then a novella, before finally ending up as a full-length novel. I am currently working on a sequel which will catch up with Martha, five years after the end of Leaving Bethany.

I am currently working on a sequel which will catch up with Martha five years after the end of Leaving Bethany.

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