Aemilia Metella Interviews Tabitha – Part 1

The woman they could not keep down Three women jumped up and down on the jetty and waved in my direction. I looked around at the other passengers on the ship and none of them waved back, so I supposed they were for me. I picked up my bag and walked down the gangplank onto…

Mary’s song of deliverance

As Christmas approaches, our thoughts turn to the stories of Jesus’s birth and one character above all others, that is to Mary, Jesus’s mother. This young unmarried woman, no more than a girl, has just heard that she will become pregnant and give birth to God’s son. She sings a mighty song, sometimes called the…

I’m calling on the God of Martha

This month’s blog is a little different from usual.  If you are a regular reader, you will be familiar with my creative interviews of Biblical women of the New Testament by my fictional Roman journalist, Aemilia Metella. Or my discussions on various aspects relating to Biblical women. But this month I decided to try something…

Who were the women who anointed Jesus?

The Bible stories of the women who anointed Jesus’s feet have intrigued me for a long time. Wondering who they were and why they performed such a public display of their devotion to Jesus, and in the process opened themselves up to misinterpretation, censure and ridicule. All four gospels tell the story, with slight variations,…


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Writing a novel is a strange thing to do, for a person usually so gregarious, it is a lonely occupation. To lock yourself away in an attic office for months on end, tapping away at a keyboard, with only the radio for company. So why do I do it?
The story of Martha of Bethany is so compelling that I wanted to share it with others. Leaving Bethany is based upon the Biblical accounts, interwoven with church tradition and a good dollop of my imagination. The story of Martha started as a short story, then a novella, before finally ending up as a full-length novel. I am currently working on a sequel which will catch up with Martha, five years after the end of Leaving Bethany.

I am currently working on a sequel which will catch up with Martha five years after the end of Leaving Bethany.

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