I’m calling on the God of Martha

This month’s blog is a little different from usual.  If you are a regular reader, you will be familiar with my creative interviews of Biblical women of the New Testament by my fictional Roman journalist, Aemilia Metella. Or my discussions on various aspects relating to Biblical women. But this month I decided to try something new. They say, to try something that scares you every day. Well putting this into the wide cyber world scares me! It is a poem and I don’t do poetry!

A few weeks ago, at my church, we sang the song “Same God” by Elevation Music, and I was inspired. Click here to listen to the song. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LawxIZE9ePE

The song describes three men and one woman from the Bible and says that even today we have the same God as they had.

I decided that I would do something similar and write about how each of these women can inspire us today.

Photo by Sue Sutherland


I’m calling on the God of Miriam

Saved Moses as a baby and at his side as a man

Leading the worship of your people

Sang and danced your praise for a great victory.

I’m calling on the God of Rahab

Her quick thinking saved two spies

From being an outsider, she moved within,

And became Jesus’s ancestor.

I’m calling on the God of Deborah

Judge, prophet, poet, and singer

In wisdom told the army commander God said


In courage accompanied him to victory.

I’m calling on the God of Esther,

A nowhere woman raised to be queen,

An advocate for her people,

Her bravery saved God’s nation.

I’m calling on the God of Anna

Patiently waiting for the day that came

Held Jesus in her arms and knew

Knew he had come to save.

I’m calling on the God of Mary

Not afraid of the consequences to say yes

Watched Jesus born and watched him die

Lived her life in faith.

I’m calling on the God of Martha

Opened her home and life

Knew who Jesus was and called him Christ

Lived in devoted service to others.

I’m calling on the God of Joanna

Left a comfortable life and home,

Not a palace but a road for her

A disciple who followed to the end.

I’m calling on the God of Mary

The Magdalene, forgiven, healed, restored,

Knew Jesus’s risen body with just one word

Sent as an Apostle to tell the world.

I’m calling on the God of Phoebe

A messenger to the church in Rome

Delivered an important letter

Spoke and taught Paul’s words.

These women were warriors and queens, rich and poor, old and young. Some of them were influential in their day, and others lived their lives in quiet obscurity until something happened to make their lives extraordinary. May we too, be inspired by what they can teach us today.

Would you like to write a similar short four-line verse about a woman from the Bible? Let me know if you do, I would love to see what you write.

Susan Sutherland is the author of Leaving Bethany, a historical Biblical fiction novel written from the point of view of Martha of Bethany, a friend of Jesus. The sequel, Return to Caesarea, will be out in early 2023.

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