I’m calling on the God of Martha

This month’s blog is a little different from usual.  If you are a regular reader, you will be familiar with my creative interviews of Biblical women of the New Testament by my fictional Roman journalist, Aemilia Metella. Or my discussions on various aspects relating to Biblical women. But this month I decided to try somethingContinue reading I’m calling on the God of Martha

Martha and Mary in Art

Literature, as an art form, is not only concerned with words but also images and pictures the reader makes in their mind. Our words create these images as a visual artist may use paint. It is interesting to look at how the two sisters, Martha and Mary, have been portrayed in art during the agesContinue reading “Martha and Mary in Art”

A Tale of Two Sisters

Has anyone ever asked you, “Are you a Mary or a Martha?” Or “Which sister do you identify with?” It is a question often asked of women, with men being spared this comparison. I know I have, both in the past and when people hear I’m writing Martha’s story. The presumption behind the questions isContinue reading “A Tale of Two Sisters”

Martha’s Mysterious Disappearance

History is written in more than words. Our story is inscribed in sculpture, pictures, and the articles we leave behind. It is a record of how people thought and what they believed the world should be like. A recent Channel 4 programme called “Jesus’s Female Disciples”, raised many questions about the women who followed Jesus.Continue reading “Martha’s Mysterious Disappearance”