Phoebe, a friend of Paul Part 1

One of the most important women in the history of the early church you probably have never heard of. Not so long ago, a friend mentioned Phoebe and her importance to Paul’s ministry. I was shocked that having studied the Bible for many years (and I should add decades); I knew so little of her.Continue reading “Phoebe, a friend of Paul Part 1”

An Interview with Phoebe

The woman who was Paul’s envoy The enormous statue of Poseidon, god of the sea, welcomed us to the harbour of Cenchreae, just five miles from Corinth. Waiting on the jetty were men with a wagon who, as soon as the ship came to a smooth stop, jumped on board to unload the cargo. AContinue reading “An Interview with Phoebe”

An Interview with Naomi

The woman who defied social conventions The early evening light shimmered off the lake, and tiny lights danced and moved in unison upon the darkening water. My companion, Naomi, and I sat on a low wall and watched a fishing boat sail away from a small stone jetty. The men raised the sail, which flappedContinue reading “An Interview with Naomi”

An Interview with Miriam

The woman who had a fever This month, our intrepid Roman Reporter, Aemilia Metella, travels to Capernaum and meets a woman who was healed by Jesus. I had not expected Capernaum to be so busy. This prosperous town sprang up on the northern shores of Lake Galilee and the main trade road running north andContinue reading “An Interview with Miriam”

The Healing: my story- Joy Margetts

Welcome to my September Blog. This month author Joy Margetts gets to guest blog with her own personal story and how it is reflected in her novel, The Healing. I have always loved writing. It has been a place of refuge, a means of expressing my deepest thoughts, and a vehicle for my imagination. ButContinue reading “The Healing: my story- Joy Margetts”

Martha and Mary in Art

Literature, as an art form, is not only concerned with words but also images and pictures the reader makes in their mind. Our words create these images as a visual artist may use paint. It is interesting to look at how the two sisters, Martha and Mary, have been portrayed in art during the agesContinue reading “Martha and Mary in Art”

An Interview with Abigail

The slave girl given a future Our reporter, Aemilia Metella, interviews the slave girl rescued by the business woman, Lydia. For the second time in a month, I arrived at the smart townhouse in Philippi. My last interview with the homeowner and businesswoman, Lydia, was successful after a shaky start. Intrigued by the mention ofContinue reading “An Interview with Abigail”

Books you may Enjoy

Whether or not we can lie back on a beach this summer with a book in one hand and a drink in another, we can still enjoy a good book. Joy Margetts and Andrea Sarginson are two authors I have met through the Association of Christian Writers, and they are excited to share with youContinue reading “Books you may Enjoy”

An Interview with Lydia

The businesswoman who made a choice Our reporter, Aemilia Metella, interviews the business woman, Lydia, who invited Paul and Silas into her home. A well turned out slave in a green tunic opened the door of the imposing townhouse and showed me a room to wait. Five minutes later, his soft-soled shoes made no soundContinue reading “An Interview with Lydia”

An Interview with Anna

The prophet who met the Saviour. Our reporter, Aemilia Metella, interviews the elderly lady, Anna, who knew the meaning of patience. Anna shuffles with the impression of being an old woman, but her lively face tells a different story. I take her arm and with a sigh, she leans on my arm and bends herContinue reading “An Interview with Anna”