Aemilia Metella Interviews Tabitha – part 2

Even death could not stop her If you have not already done so, read part 1 of Aemilia’s interview here ( She left us with the ultimate cliffhanger, so read on to see what happened next. “Yes, the day I died,” Tabitha said. “That still seems strange to say.” Melia took my hand and ledContinue reading “Aemilia Metella Interviews Tabitha – part 2”

Aemilia Metella Interviews Tabitha – Part 1

The woman they could not keep down Three women jumped up and down on the jetty and waved in my direction. I looked around at the other passengers on the ship and none of them waved back, so I supposed they were for me. I picked up my bag and walked down the gangplank ontoContinue reading “Aemilia Metella Interviews Tabitha – Part 1”

Aemilia Metella interviews Mary Magdalene

My guide led me through the narrow congested streets of Jerusalem. He led me to a backstreet and a building with a staircase at the side. I followed him up the steps and into a room which was much larger than I imagined. Several people moved around, some talking, others praying and a group laughingContinue reading “Aemilia Metella interviews Mary Magdalene”

A Tale of Two Sisters

Has anyone ever asked you, “Are you a Mary or a Martha?” Or “Which sister do you identify with?” It is a question often asked of women, with men being spared this comparison. I know I have, both in the past and when people hear I’m writing Martha’s story. The presumption behind the questions isContinue reading “A Tale of Two Sisters”

Martha’s Mysterious Disappearance

History is written in more than words. Our story is inscribed in sculpture, pictures, and the articles we leave behind. It is a record of how people thought and what they believed the world should be like. A recent Channel 4 programme called “Jesus’s Female Disciples”, raised many questions about the women who followed Jesus.Continue reading “Martha’s Mysterious Disappearance”