An Interview with Miriam

Aemilia Metella Interviews the woman who had a fever This month, our intrepid Roman Reporter, Aemilia Metella, travels to Capernaum and meets a woman who was healed by Jesus. I had not expected Capernaum to be so busy. This prosperous town sprang up on the northern shores of Lake Galilee and the main trade roadContinue reading “An Interview with Miriam”

An Interview with Abigail

Aemilia Metella Interviews the slave girl given a future Our reporter, Aemilia Metella, interviews the slave girl rescued by the business woman, Lydia. For the second time in a month, I arrived at the smart townhouse in Philippi. My last interview with the homeowner and businesswoman, Lydia, was successful after a shaky start. Intrigued byContinue reading “An Interview with Abigail”